New Survey Reveals 87% of Dog Owners Have A Social Media Account For Their Dog

During the week Travel platform, Dog Furiendly released the results of a new survey. The survey shows that nearly nine in ten dog owners (87%) have a social media account for their dogs.

Created in conjunction with Paws Enrich Plan, the survey went out to almost 1,000 dog owners in UK & Ireland.

The results also showed that 64% of those with social media accounts for their dog, spend more than two hours managing their dogs social media accounts. With 11% spending four or more hours a day to make their pooch a social media sensation, with 88% opting for Instagram and 37% wagging their tails for TikTok.

As a result of the hours spent on social media, over half (54%) said that social media makes them feel less present with their dog. While 40% stating that social media negatively affects mental health. Despite this only two in five dog owners (41%) have ever taken a break from social media.

Someone who understands the risk social media can pose to your wellbeing is Lisa Vesty of Leicestershire. She runs a popular Instagram page for her cocker spaniels Tyler and Maya (@tyler_and_maya_tales).

Lisa said “Creating content 100% makes you less present. You feel a constant pressure to be capturing content and that can impact your mental health, putting stress on yourself.”

As a result of the survey, Dog Furiendly have teamed up with Paws Enrich Plan to organise a social media detox challenge called Paws The Scroll. The challenge will take place from July 9th and aims to help dog owners to take a break and be more present with their hounds by journaling.

Studies have shown that people who journal for just 15 minutes a day have a reduction in symptoms like depression and anxiety.1

Adele Pember, founder of Dog Furiendly is extremely passionate about the campaign and hopes that those taking part find the social media detox useful.

Adele said “Social media is fantastic but there’s no denying that most people spend too much time on it. 30% of the dog owners we surveyed spend over 2 hours a day running their pooches profile.”

“I think most of us would be a lot happier if we slashed our social media use and spent time with our dogs instead! I hope that the challenge inspires people to take their wellbeing into consideration and think about how long they spend online vs how long they spend in the real world.”

Dog Furiendly is running the Paws The Scroll Campaign alongside Paws Enrich Plan. The founder Becki Etherington has previously struggled with anxiety and reflects that going on adventures with her dogs and journaling about it was extremely beneficial to her mental health.

Becki said, “Being taken back to a moment shared with your dog gives you a counterpoint to the stresses and strains of everyday life. Whatever the world is throwing at you, times shared with your pets always bring a smile to your face. I want owners to document this.”

Paws Enrich Plan journals encourage the owner to seek out new experiences with their dog while reflecting on their own mental health and well-being.

91% of those surveyed have enrolled in the social media detox challenge already, where they will stay off of social media and dedicate the weekend to their furry best friends.

Other statistics shared the reasons why dog owners have a social media account with 81% using it as a place to store memories and moments with their dog and just 11% using it as a way to make extra money.


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